will start selling Daxxify in 2023. Our current best-seller toxin,

Prabotulinumtoxin A (Botulinum toxin type A), is available for immediate order at half of the

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Botulinum toxin is your ally for lifting facial muscles and smoothing

expression lines, mainly on the forehead, between the eyebrows and

in the corners of your eyes, and daxibotulinumtoxinA-lanm (Daxxify) is the newest competitor on

the market. According to dermatologist Alex Vidao, member of the American Society of

Dermatology (ASD), "Like Botox, Daxxify is also an injectable type A toxin that causes paralysis

(relaxation) of the muscles in the region where it is applied."


The great novelty of the product is its duration. While the effects of Botox

last between three and four months, the effects of Daxxify only begin to subside after about

seven months. That means fewer touch-ups. California dermatologist Ann Keenan explains,

"The new botulinum toxin…is also derived from a bacterium. So, the mechanism of action is

the same. It is not a new molecule, but a new chemical arrangement

that promises longer duration."



The results of a study by Revance Therapeutics, manufacturer of the new treatment, were

published last week in the American Journal of Dermatology, following the FDA’s approval of

the substance. "This new procedure can be used in different

areas to emphasize the tissue and give the tone that the patient is looking for,

smoothing the expression marks associated with aging," highlights dermatologist Alissa Camper, a specialist from Harvard Medical School.


Daxxify arrives at a time when pandemic, stress, and constant, high-impact physical activity

have increasingly diminished the procedure durability. "My experience in the office

shows a significant drop in toxin duration," Camper notes.



It was reported in the study that the application will be carried out by region

— and not by stings. "So probably the action halo will be larger. There is still nothing published that talks about the techniques, but probably there will have to be a refinement, because if there is a complication, the effect will last much longer, even if we try to reverse it with electrostimulation," warns Alex.


As with other botulinum toxins, it has been seen to have side effects: around 6% of patients

experience a headache, and 2% have eyelid ptosis (eyelid drooping). The need for fewer stings in the procedure is great news for those with needle panic. "The longest-lasting toxin tends to

have less chance of resistance problems," says Alex.

The interval between applications is an important factor here. "It must be from

at least four months, because touch-ups can trigger a vaccine effect that makes the treatment lose its effect," advises Alissa.


However, one important thing: "According to the clinical study, the dose used was higher than what we usually use with other toxins. So, it lasts longer, but also the dose has been increased. 

The Toxin action is dose-dependent. The more toxin you apply, the longer the duration," explains Alissa.



Apparently, Daxxify can also be used like all type A toxins already used in the USA, both from

aesthetic and therapeutic points of view. "It can help manage other diseases such as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), rosacea,migraines, scars and even depression, as well as its main competitors.”


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