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Botox Technique Facial Demonstration

So we’re going to start with the demonstration of our model. This is Bob. We always call this guy Bob over here and what we were just saying is initially like the evaluation. OK.So usually what I do is I start talking to the patient, kind of find out what area bothers them, what area they would like to do. Usually they tell you. Usually they say, “Well, I just want you to work on the forehead,” or “The crow’s feet is an area that bothers me.”

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Buy Dermal Fillers Online Cost | Price

Looking for a great deal on Next Gen Dermal Fillers? Have you been scouring the internet looking for the best price for filling products? You’re not alone. In 2016 around 75% of professional dermatologists purchased their dermal fillers online. This represents an increase of 20% per year over the last few years.

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